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Wefight has built an entire ecosystem to empower patients living with cancer and chronic diseases by giving them access to verified medical information in order to monitor and activate patients with the right treatment. By ending clinical inertia Wefight works to make patients' lives healthier.

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Who do we work with and how do we help patients?

Pharmaceutical companies

We work with the top pharma companies to support patients throughout their treatment 24/7 and add artificial intelligence as part of their “Beyond the Pill” strategy. Leveraging new technologies creates medical value and improves health outcomes.

Healthcare professionals

We collaborate with HCPs and KOLs to help reduce clinical inertia, identifying and filling in the gaps of the patients' healthcare journey. It has been proven to reduce the burden of care providers and improve patients' emotional and physical health.

Patients’ association

We connect with patients' associations to get feedback and to enable patients to find the right support/answers at each step of their care journey - from the first symptom check to the moment they become patient experts and start helping their peers.

Partners in the ecosystem

We partner with MedTech, Medical Device and wellness companies, e-Health startups & institutional organizations to connect the dots between them. The goal is to provide a smoother experience for patients in an ecosystem that bridges the gaps in healthcare.

How do we do it?

Wefight built an entire ecosystem around Vik Companion to improve the care pathway of patients living with cancer and chronic diseases.Vik Companion supports patients and helps them live better with their illness. MedVik improves patients' engagement and HCP's overall workflow with a remote monitoring solution. Vik Studies allows a better understanding of a patients' journey by tapping into their unfiltered voice and Vik PROM captures ePROs for decentralized clinical trials.






Our partners

Investir&+ has been with Wefight since their first fundraiser in 2019. We are very proud to see how far the team has come since then! We have decided to re-engage with them to continue to support them in their beautiful mission of helping thousands of patients.

Mari Kameyama

Impact VC at Investir&+

Ambulatory medicine is desired by all, but it requires a new organization and above all communication relays outside the walls of the medical facilities. Vik and MedVik are two solutions that will easily ensure this continuity.

Pr. Arnaud Bourdin

PUPH, Head of the Pulmonology Medical Team at the CHU of Montpellier

Vik Asthma is a way to identify possible uncontrolled asthma patients and encourage them to see their HCP for better disease management.

Florence Desthieux

Product Lead Digital Solutions AstraZeneca

This app is completely in line with the idea we had of supporting the patient. Often they are frustrated, they don't know what to do and they don't always have the knowledge that can help them - having an app is easy and it can open the door to the association. We are really complementary.

Danielle-Gabrielle Vacher

President of the ANDAR association

Patients need to be supported and to have instant access to high quality & verified information concerning their disease. With Vik Asthma, this is instantly accessible through your smartphone.

Caroline Zuluaga Lopez

Brand Manager Immunology 

The strong growth of cancers and chronic diseases is a major social problem. The solutions proposed by Wefight contribute to improving patient treatment while maintaining a strong ethical and social impact.

Zoé Constantin

Investment Director Europe at Impact Partner

This tool allows for a more qualitative approach to the hematology consultation, and not only based on the clinical examination & the blood test. Vik is therefore an original and useful tool for the patient and for the practitioner's overall management.

Dr. Loic Ysebaert

Hematologist at the Institut universitaire du cancer de Toulouse (IUCT), Oncopole

Vik is a new way to help patients. Because when you have cancer, you can feel alone even when you are surrounded. We felt that Wefight had the same values as us: a sincere approach in the desire to help patients.

Sandrine Taourirt

Assistant treasurer at the IMAGYN association

With Angels Santé, BADGE, and MELIES Business Angels, we are very proud to have supported the startup during its early years. The virtual companion Vik is a real help in optimizing the patient experience and a real winning strategy “Beyond the Pill” for pharmaceutical companies.

Stéphane Loze

Head of Partnerships at Angels Santé

The benefit for the patients is obvious as there is no time in the consultation to discuss all the different subjects related to IBD. There are answers on their treatment, drug interactions, side-effects. We are going to offer Vik Mici to patients who want it.

Dr. Romain Altwegg

Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist, CHU of Montpellier

The Wefight team has developed an intuitive AI-based product that meets the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals. DHV is proud to be part of the Wefight adventure and to support the team in its growth and international development.

Guido Hegener

Managing Partner of Digital Health Ventures

We wanted a chatbot that was as close as possible to the needs of patients. Vik SEP allows patients to be supported and it makes the link with our association, to our patient experts who share their tips and tricks.

Eva Naudet

President of the association Sep’Avenir

A very interactive application that can answer all the questions the patient may have, without taboos. It allows to talk about many subjects around the disease & about sensitive topics that don’t come up during consultation (hobbies, sexuality, couple life).

Dr. Céline Girard

Dermatologist at the CHU of Montpellier

Meet the Wefighters

Wefight was created in 2017. We have offices in Montpellier, Paris and Berlin. We've created an ecosystem of solutions to fill in the gaps in the healthcare journey of chronic disease and cancer patients. In this ecosystem, there is Vik, a free mobile application, which aims to answer the questions that these patients may have. Also part of the ecosystem is MedVik, a monitoring interface for hospital practitioners. The objective is to enable them to monitor patients remotely.

Benoit Brouard

Co-founder and CEO at Wefight

As a pharma company, I would like to better understand the patients' perspectives, needs, & challenges. This would enable me to create a medical marketing strategy that is perfectly in line with the needs that I identified beforehand through Vik. Like all HCPs, my objective would be to optimize my patients’ care. How can I follow-up on them after they’ve left my practice? Thanks to Medvik, I would have a tool that would allow me to push therapeutic education content to the patients, to make them aware of their condition.

Julien Moussalli

CCO at Wefight

We created Wefight to meet the needs of chronic disease patients. They often experience loneliness, particularly when they continue their treatments at home. They have fears, questions, and today they have few point of contacts to talk to. So we created Vik, a chatbot that can have a conversation with the patients and convey medical information. Our goal is to help patients and healthcare professionals improve the healthcare pathway and as a result, the patient's quality of life.

Pierre Nectoux

Co-founder, CTO & COO at Wefight

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