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Pharmaceutical companies

Our solutions enable you to improve your medical marketing strategies in line with patients' and healthcare professionals' needs.

Capture ePROs for your decentralized clinical trials and improve data quality & accuracy

Leverage the best-in-class patient engagement tool for cancer or chronic disease

Improve patients’ engagement & HCP’s experience with a remote monitoring solution

Get access to the unfiltered patient voice to better understand his journey

Data privacy

All data collected from patients are pseudonymized, then aggregated, hosted on our French servers certified by the relevant authorities (HDS hosting), fully compliant with GDPR policies.


Tailor-made communication plans according to your needs

Save time

Minimize the number of quality checks and verification throughout your study

Increase data accuracy & quality

Say goodbye to paper forms and increase the accuracy of the data you collect

Real-time data acquisition

Send notifications to patients enrolled in your study to collect ePROs at the most accurate moment during the day

Increase patient retention

Make your patients' lives easier by offering them a user-friendly application designed to collect questionnaires


Get access to ePROs thanks to our data visualization tool, DataVik

Any questions?

What is your relationship with HCPs?

Vik Companion brings validated information without giving medical recommendations and without influencing the patient’s care journey. Our goal is not to replace the doctor, but to support patients in their daily lives with Vik Companion and to facilitate HCPs' workflow as well as patient follow-up with MedVik. Diagnosis and prescriptions aren't done through our solutions. Vik Companion and Medvik are not classified as a medical device (CE-marked).

How much does it cost?

Whether you're looking to develop a Vik Companion, a MedVik or conduct studies for a specific pathology, there are many things to take into consideration. From the technical side to the communication plan, each solution is tailored according to your needs, meeting the required standards in the industry and complying to all norms. Reach out to our team to get a fit-for-purpose budget.

How is it developed?

Vik Companion's content is developed by our in-house scientific teams and in collaboration with a scientific committee and patients. Our model is based on artificial intelligence, which allows us to continually meet the patients’ needs over time with better answers. We have teams dedicated to the quality of the app, content relevance, and its maintenance. MedVik is developed by our in-house teams, who are also responsible for ensuring its interoperability with healthcare facilities.

How do you ensure data is protected?

Data protection is one of our main missions. All data is stored on a HADS certified health data host, our database is pseudonymized and every day new data is aggregated using validated techniques that ensure we cannot re-identify the user. In addition, all data is processed in compliance with all GDPR requirements and data protection principles. We are also ISO 9001 certified and in the process of obtaining the ISO 13845 certification.

Do patients have to pay to access the products?

Patients can download Vik Companion on iOS or Google Play for free. Our main mission is Patients First, and this entails providing the best-in-class content related to the pathology directly to the patient, free of charge.

In which countries are you present?

Wefight is present in over 12 countries, in Europe, North America and LATAM. We follow all local legal requirements and work closely with regional actors to ensure compliance and quality.



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