Empower patients with Vik Companion

Vik Companion, our mobile app, is developed for each pathology in oncology and chronic diseases. Patients can get answers to their questions 24/7 through the AI-based chatbot, get access to verified information, create treatment reminders, use the follow-up journals and participate in different types of surveys (quality of life, symptom checker). In case of uncontrolled symptoms, patients can be redirected to practitioners and get the right treatment. Vik is created with the help and feedback from KOLs and patient associations, through the institutional support of a dedicated pharmaceutical company specialized in this therapeutic area.

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Get reliable insights on patients’ journey with Vik Studies

As a pharma company, you have access to more and more datasets, from market research agencies to sell-in & sell-out dashboards. Very few allow you to deep dive into patients' care journeys and identify pain points directly from those who are experiencing it. With Vik Studies, enhance your patient understanding with tailored studies (both qualitative & quantitative) and get direct access to his unfiltered voice. From the methodology design to recommendations, our expert team will support you and your team to set a real patient-centric strategy.

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Capture ePROs for your decentralized clinical trials with Vik PROM

As a pharma company or a CRO, you may face huge obstacles in getting reliable Patients Generated Health Data (PGHD) in your clinical trials. That's why we designed Vik PROM. Vik PROM is an app specifically designed to capture ePROs (Patient-Reported Outcomes) with high-quality standards but it also provides dynamic information to patients enrolled in your clinical trials (methodology, timelines, ...).

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Reduce clinical inertia with MedVik

Both HCPs and patients have agreed on the fact that clinical inertia is not acceptable. That's why we created the Medvik Platform to allow HCPs to telemonitor their patients and visualize their data in real-time. Directly connected to Vik Companion, MedVik eases the workflow within hospital departments. HCPs can schedule surveys, select patient cohorts, share therapeutic education programs remotely, and much more.

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Sana Bakari-Thielen

Sana Bakari-Thielen

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