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All the health actors that work with Wefight have different goals and needs. We have one thing in common - putting patients first and reducing clinical inertia. To do that, we use technology at the service of the patient. Take a moment to see and understand how we already changed thousands of patients’ lives.

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David's story, a prostate cancer patient

David lives with prostate cancer. He talks to us about his diagnosis and gives a message to fellow men in the same situation. ”Talking about male cancers implies, on one hand, the idea of mortality and, on the other hand, the idea of sexuality, I understand that for men it is difficult, nevertheless I invite you to talk about it and to demystify all that”. David shared how he wished he had had access to more information during his treatment, such as side effects on the body and on the relationship. Vik Prostate and patients' associations are working to reduce isolation and the feeling of loneliness.

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1. How to create and adapt Vik to international markets ? France

Medical Product Manager Fanny Bernard talks about the steps in creating a Vik, from understanding the disease, compiling a bibliography with medically verified sources, to collaborating with patients' associations. She also talks about the process of creating a Vik Companion in other countries. It's not about translating the content, but about understanding the healthcare system in the country, the different recommendations from corresponding authorities, and the treatments used, she explains. Watch for an engaging account on the backstage of Vik's development.

2. How to create and adapt Vik to international markets ? North America

Gauthier Guicherd, Medical Product Manager in charge of the North American markets, gives insights on the building blocks of a Vik's development. Scoping out a market, gathering documentation on the disease category, its treatments, and the country's recommendations are all part of the process. To better understand the patients' needs, focus groups are organized and close collaboration with patients' associations is privileged. Watch to get more insights on how we ensure every Vik is compliant and adapted to each country.

3. How to create and adapt Vik to international markets ? Germany

Pharmacist and engineer Aurélien Hoerdt talks about creating a Vik Companion for the German market. He explains how the patients are placed in the center of Vik to ensure the content on the application answers their day-to-day questions. We also work hand-in-hand with health professionals, who bring their expertise, experience, and knowledge to the solution. Aurélien explains how important it is to understand the patients' pain points as well as the needs of relatives that live with them. Watch to learn more.

4. How to create and adapt Vik to international markets ? LATAM

Olman Hidalgo, Medical Project Manager, shares his experience in taking Vik Companion internationally - to LATAM as well as other countries in Europe. Working hand-in-hand with the patients means conducting focus groups and collaborating with patients' associations. Workshops are also done with KOLs to better understand their needs. ”We are not creating something that replaces doctors but an ally in their practice that gives them an answer in which they can have full confidence.” Watch now.

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