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All the health actors that work with Wefight have different goals and needs. We have one thing in common - putting patients first and reducing clinical inertia. To do that, we use technology at the service of the patient. Take a moment to see and understand how we already changed thousands of patients’ lives.

At Wefight, patients come first

David's story, a prostate cancer patient

David lives with prostate cancer. He talks to us about his diagnosis and gives a message to fellow men in the same situation. ”Talking about male cancers implies, on one hand, the idea of mortality and, on the other hand, the idea of sexuality, I understand that for men it is difficult, nevertheless I invite you to talk about it and to demystify all that”. David shared how he wished he had had access to more information during his treatment, such as side effects on the body and on the relationship. Vik Prostate and patients' associations are working to reduce isolation and the feeling of loneliness.

Our expertise at your service

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1. Benoît Brouard, from idea to implementation

Benoit Brouard, co-founder and CEO takes the mic. He shares his starting point for creating Vik: while working at the hospital as a pharmacy doctor, he met with patients and realized that there’s a very important gap to fill. Benoit also talks about why he chose the name ”Wefight” and ”Vik”, and he shares the biggest challenge we faced a couple of years ago. Watch for more information on the story of Wefight!

2. Julien Moussali, Vik meets its audience

Chief Commercial Officer Julien Moussalli shares his vision and mission within Wefight. ”Wefight revolutionizes patient engagement and real-world data collection directly from patients. As a pharma company, I would like to better understand the patient's needs, perspectives, and issues to create a solution and an adapted medical marketing strategy. And it's thanks to Vik that we'll be able to identify those needs.” Watch to learn more!

3. Pierre Nectoux, technique at the service of the patient

Pierre Nectoux, co-founder, CTO & COO talks about the origins of Wefight. It is the fruit of the patient's needs (support) and a technical solution (a chatbot). Pierre shares their goal in creating this chatbot: to support all the patients living with chronic diseases and cancer in need of information. He talks about the technical building blocks of Vik Companion and how it's developed, and the measures we take to protect the patient's privacy. Watch now - it's a must-see!

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