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All the health actors that work with Wefight have different goals and needs. We have one thing in common - putting patients first and reducing clinical inertia. To do that, we use technology at the service of the patient. Take a moment to see and understand how we already changed thousands of patients’ lives.

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David's story, a prostate cancer patient

David lives with prostate cancer. He talks to us about his diagnosis and gives a message to fellow men in the same situation. ”Talking about male cancers implies, on one hand, the idea of mortality and, on the other hand, the idea of sexuality, I understand that for men it is difficult, nevertheless I invite you to talk about it and to demystify all that”. David shared how he wished he had had access to more information during his treatment, such as side effects on the body and on the relationship. Vik Prostate and patients' associations are working to reduce isolation and the feeling of loneliness.

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1. How to bring doctors and patients together?

In this episode, the focus is on remote patient follow-up and MedVik's role as a solution for healthcare professionals. Floriane Valette explains that as the number of patients with chronic diseases increases, healthcare systems suffer from the growing burden. Remote monitoring bridges the gap in the patient's care journey and connect specialists to their patients outside medical facilities. With MedVik, healthcare professionals can send TPE content to patients, who will have access 24/7, explains Adrien Boher. A must-watch to better understand our solution.

2. The patient and loneliness in the care process

How does a patient react when faced with the news of a serious disease? Most of them are not ready to have their lives turned upside down. They need to learn to live with the disease. Many questions arise and in addition, each patient is different. Vik Companion thus plays an important role in the patient's care journey. By providing them with medically validated knowledge, Vik Companion helps them understand their disease, prepare for medical appointments. Plus, Vik enables the patient to take ownership of their pathology. Watch now!

3. MedVik, how does it work?

Interoperability is key. In this episode, Adrien Boher explains how we integrate the MedVik platform into different healthcare facilities. To ensure that we are compliant with each facility's connection protocols, we have a dedicated in-house team and a partnership with Lifen that helps us set up these connections. He gives the example of MedVik Asthma and how it has been successfully implemented in the CHU of Montpellier following all the procedures and regulations. Watch to learn more.

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