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All the health actors that work with Wefight have different goals and needs. We have one thing in common - putting patients first and reducing clinical inertia. To do that, we use technology at the service of the patient. Take a moment to see and understand how we already changed thousands of patients’ lives.

At Wefight, patients come first

David's story, a prostate cancer patient

David lives with prostate cancer. He talks to us about his diagnosis and gives a message to fellow men in the same situation. ”Talking about male cancers implies, on one hand, the idea of mortality and, on the other hand, the idea of sexuality, I understand that for men it is difficult, nevertheless I invite you to talk about it and to demystify all that”. David shared how he wished he had had access to more information during his treatment, such as side effects on the body and on the relationship. Vik Prostate and patients' associations are working to reduce isolation and the feeling of loneliness.

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1. Better understanding of the disease thanks to Vik’s studies

In this episode, Julien Moussalli explains how Vik can be deployed to collect real-world data directly from patients (PGHD), allowing for a better understanding of what's going on between two medical appointments. Philippe Fernandes tackles the role of AI in exploiting health data, and Romain Rolland explains how Vik Studies is innovating the research market by giving access to the patient's unfiltered voice and shedding light on the quality of life, treatment adherence, and much more.

2. The patient at the center of the reflection

Julien Moussalli, Soraya Hamdan, and Cynthia Moukarzel answer some key questions about the Beyond the Pill strategy, what does Patient Centricity and Patient Empowerment mean for pharma companies. In this approach, Wefight positions itself naturally as a partner to pharma companies as they dedicate more and more solutions to patients and their care pathways. Watch to learn more!

3. Studies: better understand to provide better care

Philippe Fernandes and Romain Rolland tackle the data collection process and the importance of conducting patient-oriented studies. This enables pharma companies to best adapt their future medication and treatment development strategy. Watch this episode to understand how Vik Studies positions itself as an important player in this market, through its capacity to develop and execute different types of studies with complex methodologies, tailor-made to address the client's specific needs.

4. Vik Studies, doing research like no other

On this episode, Romain Rolland, Cyril Courrée, dive into Vik Studies and Data Vik. Benjamin Chaix explains the R&D approach behind these two solutions. He highlights a study conducted by Wefight that revealed the privileged relationship patients have with Vik Companion. In addition, Charlotte Font Armengo talks about the importance of GDPR in storing and analyzing data. Watch for a 360-degree view of our solutions.

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